New Phone

The camera hardware in my old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 died, so I treated myself to a new phone. I thought seriously about trying the Essential PH-1, which seems to have some really innovative features, but ultimately for me a phone needs to be a workhorse that can withstand abuse, and the PH-1 has a battery that’s not only sealed in, but by most accounts is not replaceable even by an expert.

After some research I bought an unlocked new LG V20 from about two years ago ($200). A bunch of new/old stock V20s are floating around on eBay with two bulk-sellers. It was the most recent model I could find that still supports user-swappable batteries.

Love most of the LG tweaks to Android. Far superior to the SAMSUNG flavor. And as an added bonus, it’s got a USB-C port, so I don’t have to figure out whether I’m holding the micro-USB cable right-side up before I plug it in to charge. Someday, on my deathbed, all I will ask for is the return of all the time I spent flipping MFing USB cables over to get the polarity correct. Oh, and that the inventors of USB should please burn in Hell.

It was built as a Verizon model (flashed to CDMA), and I use AT&T (GSM thankfully), but it was unlocked, so a few minutes googling APN configs got me the magic settings to connect to AT&T’s 4G network.

I suppose, unfortunately, this is the last phone I’ll ever own with a user-swappable battery. Such a useful feature couldn’t possibly survive in a world where all the handset makers want everybody on the planet to be forced to buy a new phone every 18 months or so.

FYI, the APN settings I used, which gets me access to even 4G speeds on AT&T’s network, are as follows:

NAME: net 10 via AT&T Tracfone;APN: tftdata; Proxy: Not set; Port: Not set; Username: Not set; Password: Not set; Server: Not set; MMSC:; MMS Proxy:; MMS Port:80; MCC: 310; MNC: 410; Authentication type: PAP; APN type: default,mms,supl,hipri;APN Protocol:IPv4;APN roaming protocol:IPv4; APN enabled; Bearer:LTE



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Check Out The Podcast

Finally found the time to publish a podcast I’ve been developing for a while. It’s entitled Sports Tech Talk, it’s all about technology in sports. Just a few episodes for now, but I plan to be adding episodes regularly. On most episodes I interview a guest, but I also will have occasional episodes where it’s just me.

If you have iTunes, check it out here:

Since I despise Apple and all things Apple, I have an RSS feed you can subscribe to for your Android phone (I personally prefer a podcatcher called DoggCatcher, but there are zillions of good ones available for free):

You can also listen directly:

You can also find it on Google Play Music:

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Wacky, Senseless Shit That Only Happens In Hawai’i (Episode 11,205)

Land of the Dumbass.

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Solitude / Brighton Time Trial

Stage 3, Tour of Utah, Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Great work by Robert Feigley (on the TTWare Graphics Remote INT) and Jon Gallagher & Nikki Cyp (with TTWare & TTremote).

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That’s a Cool Cat!

Tour of Utah, Day 1.

Logan, UT

I wonder if they’re giving away free samples. Cat Crap is good stuff if you ski, or swim with goggles.

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The Rare Alpine Skunk Makes An Appearance

Powder Mountain. Feb 19 2017.


20170219_124327x 20170219_124637x 20170219_141609x


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Drive-by…..Avocado Delivery?

Such is life in the tropics.

Was working around the house yesterday, repairing a scratched countertop in the kitchen. Went down to the garage to get a tool, and found this bag next to my car.



So….what have we here?


Avocados. REALLY GOOD avocados.

Still can’t figure out who dropped them by.

If it’s you, thanks!

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