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The US Open: Run by slobs, for slobs

These Union guys and the other assorted low-lifes, criminals, and street urchins who work behind the scenes at the US Open treat this place like the slum in which it is located. Can you say “pay off the Fire Marshall”? … Continue reading

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More Evidence As To Why the US Open Is Disgusting

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Tissot SUCKS. The Swatch Group SUCKS.

Can I just vent for a minute about how much The Swatch Group SUCKS? For years, I have lost dozens of contracts to those Swiss motherfuckers because they GIVE their Timing & Scoring services away (as “Swiss Timing”) for free … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s WTA final in Montreal was delayed a day due to rain. Some genius scheduled the Monday final at 2PM Eastern, despite the fact that no matter what time they scheduled it for, NOBODY will show up on a Monday. … Continue reading

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Greetings from the US Hopeless, The World’s Worst Tennis Tournament. I’ve said, at times, that I spend 24 weeks a year dreading the US Open, 24 weeks recovering from the US Open, and 4 weeks at the US Open. This … Continue reading

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