It’s over, and I’m back home.

A special shout-out to my friends GaryB from Pa’ia, GeorgieP from Melbourne, and Leonard from Palm Beach. All three of these fine fellows sent me notes of encouragement during the 8-day ordeal called the Amgen Tour of California, which kept me going and reminded me to keep updating this blog. Sharing this experience with friends is what this blog is all about.

Here are some screen-shots of my work during the ATOC. Many of you who watched the broadcasts have already seen these, but you may not have known it was me pulling the strings behind the curtain.


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5 Responses to Epilogue

  1. The Big Guy says:

    Glad you survived, dude…One thing I like about the Job, there is definite closure…There is setup, there is The Event, there is Breakdown, and it’s over. On to something new, or at least the next event.It’s not a job with the same Sword of Damocles hanging over your head day after day… At least it is a different Sword from season to season.See ya-TBG

  2. Readers: Please note that a comment from “TBG” is a special occasion indeed. We are humbled. TBG is perhaps THE ultimate sports road warrior, as he knows (by heart) the closest “Hooters” restaurant in relation to every NBA arena and every NHL arena in North America, as well as select other venues such as the Augusta Golf Masters, President’s Cup, and Ryder Cup.

  3. The Big Guy says:

    Aw, shucks, man… My shenanigans pale in the light of your achievements!I’m just in awe of your talent, vigor, sports knowledge and overall programming ability, and choice of domicile…After all- I don’t know anyone else who can troubleshoot a serial transport issue, rewire a troublesome 60hz circuit, lives on a f@#$*ing island paradise, can scratch program a scoring system to operate on a makeshift control panel McGuyvered from a microwave oven…and bring relief to two chronic nymphomaniacs* in the same evening.Cheers-TBG* or were they Necrophiliacs? I can’t really remember…

  4. Terry says:

    Thanks again for another scintillating travelogue. Having experienced the “wonders” of the Madonna, I appreciate your lambasting. Thought the Spoke Heads would enjoy these Victorian Bike pictures http://www.rogerco.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/anew/collect2.htm

  5. Mauiguy says:

    TBG – not to mention Skunk knows how to pedal a bike, jam the double black daimond moguls, and surf like Kelly Slater. Now all we have to do is get him to come out of his shell. Let him know it’s O.K. to express an opinion on his blog every now and then. HAH-HAH!!! Cheers!

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