Another Reason to Love the Kitzbüheler Ski Club

Gawd, these KSC guys are cool. Over the years, I’ve been involved behind the scenes at some of the biggest events in sport, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the KSC’s avant garde approach to new ideas combined with their deep respect for their sport, their 100+ years of tradition, and their personal touch.

For decades, the much-hated FIS marketing geniuses have been tucking the athletes away behind increasing intrusive start facades. KSC and Audi have dramatically rejected that idea, throwing it back in FIS’s face in jaw-dropping style.

As always, FIS will no doubt be unhappy about any change and will no doubt do their best to scuttle this. Last year, referee Guenther Hujara totally blew the call on moving the mens DH start 20 minutes before TV time. His reasons were “weather”, but given his sad and contentious history with Kitzbühel going back to the early 90’s (when he refused to set the course for a celebratory womens’ race, thus scuttling the event), I suspect nefarious reasons. As with anything involving FIS, I automatically suspect corruption, incompetence, or bad faith in anything they do, but hey, that’s just my opinion.


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