More People Who Hate FIS: All Snowboarders

link (New York Times)

FIS, the most corrupt, incompetent, and contemptible sports governing body I’ve ever encountered, continues to win friends and influence people in their unique way.

The first few paragraphs of the above-linked NYT article, penned by Mark Higgins:

STRATTON, Vt. — In a sport known for individuality, top professional snowboarders can at least agree on their outrage about a skiing sanctioning body overseeing Olympic qualifying for their sport.

“F.I.S. puts on some of the worst snowboarding events ever,” Mason Aguirre said last week about the International Skiing Federation, known by its French initials.

Kevin Pearce said it was unfortunate “that a ski-driven group is in charge of snowboarding.”

Travis Rice went so far as to say he hated F.I.S.


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