Teeing It Up For Chile

It’s dumping right now in Portillo. Reports are that this has been one of the best snowfall winters in a decade in the High Andes.

Trust me on this, skiing in August in South America is so much fun, even crappy snow doesn’t spoil it. But a few good solid powder dumps sure don’t hurt.

The fantastic wines, winter in August, the spectacular beef and exotic foods, the jaw-dropping scenery…they are enough to motivate even an old burnt-out road warrior like me to fly 10,000 miles. Each way.

My fave Scott P4 skis (110 underfoot) are in the closet at my friend Gary’s house in Utah, so I scored a new pair of K2 Coombas, with G3 skins, to take with me.

Toys are good.

In addition to Portillo, I’m scheduled to hit Termas de Chillan, Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado, Pucon-Villarica, and Corralco.

Watching the weather reports and getting psyched. The Rare Alpine Skunk will be making an even rarer August appearance.


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One Response to Teeing It Up For Chile

  1. Mike W says:

    did I even tell you … you suck!

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