Where The Deer and the Antelope Play…..

Drove down to Banff last night to do some laundry. As we pulled into town, a humongous elk crossed the street in front of us…obeying all traffic laws. He crossed squarely in the crosswalk, like a good Bullwinkle.

In the meantime, an extremely rare Canadian Alpine Lynx showed up briefly to watch the mens Super-G on Sunday. Lynxes are both extremely rare and extremely shy, so the locals here were blown away that they actually got to see one in the flesh, er….in the fur.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ski racing, the orange stuff partially obscuring the Lynx is a substance known as “A-Net”, a type of safety netting.


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2 Responses to Where The Deer and the Antelope Play…..

  1. The Big Guy says:

    The elk pics reminds me of this past weekend…Ingalls and I were out at a rifle range in Lake City zeroing the scope on his new rifle…As we were chatting with another guy on the firing range, a deer walked across the range, from right to left, about 150 yards downrange.None of us could get to our rifles in time to take a shot…We were just stunned that a deer would be anywhere nearby- we'd been shooting for about an hour- you'd think any deer in the neighborhood would have headed for deep cover by that time…Cool pics of the Lynx…Sounds like a beautiful place.(Any chance of you being in Vancouver next week?)Jay

  2. TBG – Maybe you ran across a deaf deer (or more precisely, he ran across you)?Negative on Vancouver. I had my fill of the IOC money-laundering cretins at Salt Lake 2002. You'll be forced to sit in traffic without my pleasant company. Hope to catch up with you at another venue soon.

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