Tuesday is Hosed Already

The Sun isn’t yet up at Pissler, and already the mens Super-Combined and the Womens DH training have been canceled. Too much gloppy snow fell last night.



This latest delay of course really helps Lindsey Vonn. There might still be one or two people in the civilized world who don’t know she’s recovering from a nasty case of shin bang. The dreadful weather at Pissler (which isn’t any worse than normal by the way) has given her an extra more-than-a-week off for recovery.

The continuing weather disasters at Pissler were overshadowed yesterday by a different kind of disaster at speed skating. Evidently the electric ice surfacing machines (“It’s NOT a Zamboni!!!”) weren’t up to the job. I was at a friend’s house for dinner and we flipped NBC on with the sound off (the only way to watch NBC sports). We saw a bunch of slush on the ice surface and a Dutch coach throwing a hissy-fit. Having gotten our fill of the Olympics in 15 seconds, we turned it off.


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