New Velodrome in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

I helped out my friend The Fred by doing a site check at his timing venue for the Mayaguez 2010 Central American Games, the new Aguadilla velodrome.

Nice logo on the infield.
Not much on the infield yet. All the commissaires, timing & scoring, competitor, and race secretary areas will be in temporary facilities.

Antolino Velez of the Mayaguez 2010 Organizing Committee points out electrical access.

When asking for directions, I was told “you can’t miss it – it is right at the airport”.

Uh…yeah. You think?

View from the grandstands.

Plywood construction.

This tunnel is the only way in and out of the ‘drome. It was flooded when we arrived, but the powerful pumping system cleared it out in 5 minutes.


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One Response to New Velodrome in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

  1. Molly says:

    Does the aguadilla velodrome have a website? My husband is a velodrome racer in Minnesota and wants to find more info about races he could join or watch while we are visiting.

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