Remember That Old Expression "Up To Your Ass In Alligators"?

After a day at IDS in JAX discussing AKI stuff, I took Tomas to The Alligator Farm in St Augustine. I was, almost literally, up to my ass in alligators.

Tomas is one of those rare European characters who actually enjoys & appreciates US kitsch, US culture, and American humour. He loved The Alligator Farm. A typical Euro (especially a frog) would have sniffed something snarky like “well, WE have The Louvre and the Vienna Opera House”. Afterwards we watched the return of LeBron to Cleveland (Heat vs Cavaliers) on an 80-inch TV at my friend’s house. THAT’s an American day of leisure: The Alligator farm, an NBA game, and a couple of big meals.

Hadn’t been to the IDS mothership in about 10 years. Saw all kinds of familiar shady characters: Slaw, Benjy, Dingo, Leroy, Marco (why doesn’t Marco have a nickname?), Croc, Mitch, Boris, Gars. Unfortunately, several of the shadiest of the shady were out of town – Cockroach, The Big Guy, and SpongeMarkSquareHands. Also had dinner w/Leroy and Dommie Sue at Slider’s in Neptune Beach, which was really fun (tasty too).


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3 Responses to Remember That Old Expression "Up To Your Ass In Alligators"?

  1. The Big Guy says:

    Dude! You don't let a brother know you're coming?I'm in the middle of a trip to Pittsburgh(spit) for a site survey.It would've been a great opportunity NOT to visit there, had I known you were coming.Crap!Marco DOES have a handle, but it's not used often…I believe "Dutchie" was hung on him awhile back.Sorry I missed you!TBG

  2. Cockroach says:

    Same as Uncle Jay. I was on my way to Miami. Sorry I missed you.~Cockroach

  3. Cockroach says:

    Ditto – As Uncle Jay said. I was on my way to Miami.Sorry I missed you. If you're still in the Sunshine state come down for a visit. ~ Cockroach

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