Today’s Ass-Kicking

Consistently getting my ass kicked on the uphill leg by Austrians up to 20 years older than me.

The scene of today’s ass-kicking was the Sonnespitz. I got thoroughly spanked.

There’s a reason why my mouth is hanging open, there’s sweat pouring off me, and I’m caked with salt. I’m getting my North American White Boy East Coast Preppie ass SOUNDLY kicked.

Looking and feeling a little less whupped here. We’re at the top of the Sonnespitz and the climbing is done for the day. Nothing left to do except ski down and then drink lots of Austrian beer.

It has been warm here for weeks, and the snow is getting thin. Ted fjords a stream near the bottom of the Sonnespitz as Hans and Hermi6, Austrian kickers of ass, wait for us on the far side.


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