Birthday Schnitzel

Celebrating my birthday, Austrian style.

Kitzbuhel links up via ski lift with neighboring mountains Jochburg and Pass Thurn to form a ski resort many times bigger than North America’s two biggest ski resorts combined (Whistler/Blackcomb and Vail). To celebrate my birthday, four of us caught the first tram of the morning up the Hahnenkammbahn and skied across all three. Around 13:00 we wound up at a ski-in restaurant called Berghotel Breitmoos, which according to the President of the KSC serves the best ski-in food in all of Tirol.

We sat out on Breitmoos’s stone patio in the sun on a cloudless, perfect Tirolean afternoon. I chowed down my Birthday Schnitzel with a cold Almdudler (Austrian ginger ale) and a dessert crepe. By the time we finished celebrating it was too late to ski back to Kitzbuhel, so we caught the schibus home.

One of the best birthdays ever.

My birthday posse: Hermi6, Ted, Krystl.


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2 Responses to Birthday Schnitzel

  1. Coop says:

    Happy Birthday Dude! Did you liberate the Almdudler glass to give your other one company????

  2. Damn! The waitress cleared the Almdudler glass off the table before I could slip it into my coat pocket. Equally disappointing was a stack of Almdudler ashtrays behind the next table which I could not get to, due to slovenly customers sleeping off their lunches in the sun.

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