This morning I got THE email from American Airlines:

Due to your status in the AAdvantage® program, you may be eligible to participate in a screening pilot program being tested by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) this fall. The goal of this pilot program is to evaluate expedited screening processes for selected American Airlines travelers through designated security checkpoints at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and the Miami International Airport (MIA).

I registered using my Global Entry #, and received this:

We have received your opt-in submission for participation in the Transportation Security Administration’s screening pilot program and no further action is needed on your part. During the reservation process, you will not need to input a Known Traveler number as your opt-in allows American Airlines to identify you as a participant in the program when submitting your passenger reservation information to the TSA’s Secure Flight system.

When the pilot program begins this fall, you may experience the expedited security screening at the following airport checkpoints:

— Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) at C-30

— Miami International Airport (MIA) next to the American Airlines First Class check-in counter

Unfortunately, to me Dallas and Miami are in flyover states, I rarely check in there, but progress is apparently, well, in progress.


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