Spruce Meadows Masters

Back at Spruce Meadows for The Masters, and guess what? It’s not raining. I’ve been in Calgary for 5 days and haven’t seen a cloud. WTF? Today’s forecast: +28C and not a cloud in the sky. Same forecast for the remainder of the week. Average this time of year is +18, but The Masters has a reputation for inviting lousy weather (+8 and raining). One year….it snowed.

OTOH at the US Open, where I spent wasted 20 Augusts, they just concluded 2 consecutive all-day rainouts, and the forecast through the remainder of the week is iffy at best.

Can you say “Monday Final” for the fourth consecutive year? My friends Dingo and Lloyd are not happy guys at the moment.

Schadenfreude? You bet. The greedy MFers at USTA could have had themselves a free roofed stadium at any one of 20 cities in the US, but instead chose to stay in a lousy lease at a lousy site in lousy Corona, Queens, which is a slum. They build a stadium that was obsolete before it was finished, and now they claim they didn’t build a retractable roof because that was expensive, and their responsibility is to return money to the USTA Sections. Total, unmitigated bullshit.

My friend Laura Jane jumping in Wednesday's RSA Cup


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