Calgary Stampede

The Timing & Scoring guys from The Calgary Stampede asked to meet with me to review what they’re doing and suggest some improvements.

Calgary Stampede Is A Collossally Huge Place

Amazing that this humongous facility in the heart of downtown Calgary is only used 2 weeks a year (remind you of a similar situation in Corona, NY?)

Timing & Scoring is located here. The course for "chuck wagon racing" (I am not making this up) is roughly the size of a horse-racing track, i.e. huge, so elevation is necessary for visibility

Turn 1, site of frequent carnage

It's The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth. I wonder what Calgarians think the greatest INDOOR show on Earth is?

These are the rodeo pens. At The Stampede, it's rodeo all day and chuck wagon racing after dark. These guys are serious cowboys.

Amazingly, the rodeo clocks are Daktronics lamp-bank boards, which haven't been manufactured since about 1980. I wonder how The Stampede keeps them running, since spare parts haven't been available for 25 years......

Standing on the Start-Finish Line for the chuck wagons. At the gun, the chuck crews have to throw an iron stove and a bunch of tent poles into the chuck wagon before it can depart. I am not making this up. After figure-8ing around some barrels a few times, the wagons dash out onto a former thoroughbread racing track for a quick lap. Benchmark time is about 1:15


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