Monster Jam!

I’m working on a scoring & timing software package for Monster Jam, so I’ve been trying to learn a bit more about the sport and the culture. So far, I’m pretty impressed. These guys seem very focused on giving their fans exactly what they want, much the way the NASCAR guys built their business into the 2nd largest professional sport in the USA. A lot of sports –  like IndyCar, MLB, and (these days) NBA seem to lose that focus periodically as their millionaires fight their billionaires over their respective slice of the pie.

Check out this enormous rug, which depicts a typical MJ course layout. If this was a McLaren rug from Formula One, it would cost $1,000. If it was a Miami Heat rug from the NBA, it would cost $400. This retails for about $50.

My new Monster Jam rug. Notice the Dr Pepper can at the top, for size perspective

Reminds me of the days when NASCAR teams sold their team t-shirts for $7 (less than half the going rate for, say, an NFL shirt at the time) in order to flood the 150,000 seats at the track with Tide orange, Pepsi blue, Mr Goodwrench Black, or whatever.




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