The One Unique “Take” On The Death Of Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs has been The Event Which Launched A Million Web Pages. Everybody with an internet connection and 5 minutes, from the Editor of the New York Times to seemingly every junior high school student with an iPhone, has posted their thoughts.

I haven’t read many of them beyond glancing at the headlines, as I’m not an Apple fan, I’m not an Apple stockholder, and Jobs’ passing means nothing extraordinary to me. But one caught my eye which is truly unique and informative. I subscribe to a Podcast called Skeptoid, which is at times brilliant (so brilliant, in fact, that I send a few bucks regularly), and host Brian Dunning had something really interesting to say:

Wow, if true. Dunning opines the thing that made Steve Jobs’ career so remarkable – his absolute faith that he’s always right, and always knows more than anyone else on the planet – is what killed him.


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