New Wheelsies!

Wheels, Wheel Bags, Skewers, Valve Extensions, Spoke Wrenches

Last week I was blasting down Pulehuiki Road (arguably the steepest road on the island) on my favorite bike, a Serotta Legend Titanium. I hit my brakes and


My rear wheel exploded. It was a Shimano Dura Ace 7850 50mm carbon wheel, one of the best racing wheels Shimano makes. Nasty thing to happen at 50 KmH, but I managed to save it, and didn’t die. The wheels had less than 500 miles on them, because it’s usually too windy around here to ride deep-dish wheels. I usually train on a 20mm wheel so I don’t have to worry about being blown off the road and into the lava fields out in Kahikinui, where I do a lot of my training rides.

The aluminum braking surface sheered clean off the carbon dish, leaving an ugly-looking crease in the carbon dish of the wheel where it almost, but not quite, taco’d.

The Shimano guys replaced the whole wheelset, on the spot, with their latest & greatest, the Dura Ace 7900 C50.

I’m not sure if they replaced them so quickly & graciously because they love my bro Donnie at Maui Cyclery, or if they took one look at what was left of that wheel and were totally stoked that I’m still alive.

My prized Serotta, with a new pair of shoes


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