Prelude to the 72nd Hahnenkamm-Rennen, Kitzbühel Austria: Hermi6 Boot Camp

The adventure begins….with Hermi6 Boot Camp

Hermi6 picks us up in the KSC van at Munich Airport

Boot Camp, Day 1

0900 – Alpentour the BichlAlm (on the sunny side of Kitzbuhel). 3000 feet up, fresh tracks in spectacular pow on the way down.

Enter And Sign In Please.....nice box for "the book" on the cross at the top of the BichlAlm. Some day I may have to steal it.

Ted atop Bichlalm. The track to the top was groomed by a Pisten Bully. From here we headed out the back into virgin pow.

Ted & Hermi6 approaching the top. In the background is the Kitzbühelerhorn. We're on the sunny side of the valley, 2nd peak over from the Kitzbühelerhorn

18:00 alpentour up the Hannenkamm by helmet lamp. Spectacular star-lit night. Dinner and 142 beers at the Hockech hutte. Blast back down around 10:30 at mach 2. Tons of snow on the Hahnenkamm, I’ve never seen so much snow here. But….it rained down in town yesterday, so below 1100m or so the public slopes are like an injected race course. Bulletproof. I imagine the ski patrol has been busy the past few days with crash victims.

Didn’t get any photos of the night alpentour. My crappy little point-and-shoot camera isn’t up to night photos.


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