Face Shots On The Hausberg Traverse…….

Ask any World Cup downhiller what makes them sit up in bed, sweating and panicky, in the dead of night, and most will say “the Hausberg and the Zielschuss at Kitzbühel”.  In 6 years I’ve seen two racers come close to death there. Olympic Champion Patrick Ortlieb ended his career in a crash there. American Chad Fleischer did a full barrel-roll at 130 KmH there, smashing his skis to smithereens when he came back down to Earth. Canadian Hahnenkamm champion Todd Brooker did a great imitation of a rag-doll there at over 100 KmH.

However, skiing The Hausberg and The Zielschuss in hip-deep fresh powder, getting face shots with every turn, is another story.

Skinning Up The Service Road From The Ganslern

Looking Down The Ganslern Toward Town. Walking In A Winter Wonderland.

Spectator Platform On Skier's Right at Hausberg Gate. Yes, It's Steep as Shit.

Looking Back Up The Zielschuss At The Tracks Of The Rare Alpine SkunkLooking Back Up At The Same Platform from the Top Of The Zielschuss

Snowing A Little, Eh?

That Rare Alpine Skunk, He Gets Around......He Leaves Those S-Shaped Tracks EVERYWHERE.


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