A Sad Sight……

Headed for Munich Airport, then on to Ottawa for the NHL Skills Challenge at the NHL All Star Game.

Still dumping here in Kitzbühel. Very sad to leave.

Out of the 6 Hahnenkamms we’ve done for Rolex, I think this one was my favorite. The skiing was SO good, the racing was jaw-dropping dramatic, there was only one helicopter rescue, and as always, the people we work with here in this little Tirolean valley are wonderfully gracious.


A Major Powder Dump In Kitzbuhel Makes This Powder Hound Sad, When I'm Watching It Disappear Into The Distance

Thanks To Jean-Noel and Joel at Rolex for 6 Terrific Hahnenkamms (2007-2012)

I remain one of the few American members of the Kitzbuheler Ski Club. And doubtlessly the only one from Hawai'i.

The Hahnenkamm: Scaring the Living Shit out of The Best Ski Racers In The World Since 1911


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2 Responses to A Sad Sight……

  1. Travis Smith says:

    You either need to stop posting, or I need to stop reading… I am super Effin jealous. And super Effing sick of tennis. On the back of my IBM uniform I have sewn on the words “I’d rather be with Broder!”

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