NHL All Star Game

At the NHL All Star Game at ScotiaBank Place in Ottawa.

Having a hard time figuring out why anybody would live in a place with such wintery weather when the terrain is too flat to ski.


COOL glove dryer. Would make a killer ski boot dryer.

You Think The Senators Would Mind If I Stole This and Shipped It To The Zielhaus in Kitzbuhel?


The Skunk In The Penalty Box. All Euroed-out in Kitzbuhel Ski Club and Rolex Gear

Wakker Setting Photocells For The Fastest Skater

Working with Jason from ANC, our running clocks are on the ribbon boards

Seems like almost everyone here knows The Big Guy, who, unfortunately, was not able to show up for this gig. But that’s probably for the better, since I just flew in from Austria yesterday, I feel like toasted shit on a stick, and I would be loathe to take part in a search mission for a Hooters in Ottawa.


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