NHL All Star Game, Cont’d

Brrrrrrrrrr. I’m cold. I’m a SKIER, and I’m cold. I’m wearing ski clothes, and I’m still cold.

Hanging out in hockey arenas all day, the cold seeps in through your feet and arms, and you slowly chill into something resembling a side of beef.

Tim Hortons, eh?

Yesterday we were onsite @ 7AM and left around 9:30. PM, that is. Not very good for getting my aging bod off European Central time. At one point I found an empty office and fell dead asleep on a couch.

Today….same hours.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the 5 parties downstream of my timing systems are parsing our freight train of XML clock data fairly well. I don’t recommend using XML for clock data, since it must be refreshed 10 times per second. XML is too verbose and takes a lot of memory to parse, whereas something like fixed-length or comma-delimited is way more efficient. I also REALLY like VizRT DataPool and Daktronics RTD for clocks. But NHL requested XML, so it is XML they are getting. Nevertheless, the SM intern-of-the-week is, more or less, making it happen for NBC and VERSUS. Jason from ANC has done a splendid job with the ribbon boards, which worked great during the rehearsal yesterday. No latency in the ribbon board clocks. One technology provider, which shall remain nameless, is hopeless and can’t even accept real-time data, let alone parse it or display it. But we’ve certainly got enough devices displaying our clocks and speeds without him.

Dan-O The Boss Man has a nasty-looking splint on his pinkie. I wondered aloud if the injury he sustained involved a heated dispute with a certain industrial freezer-sized network engineer from IDS over a dwindling plate of hot wings at Hooters, but Dan denied any knowledge of anything or anyone having to do with IDS or Hooters or hot wings.

The Shooting Accuracy contest is pretty cool. I like that one. A goal is set up with styrofoam targets in each corner, and the shooter has to hit each of the four targets. The foam targets explode quite spectacularly when a puck hits them squarely. If the shot merely nicks a corner, a small chunk breaks off.

Timed, of course. As my good friend JBob writes on his web site, “Real Sports Are Timed, Not Judged”.

Our scoring position is, literally, in the penalty box, with no glass. It’s sketchy. I’m hoping one of my guys will give me a heads-up if an errant puck heads our way, because the competition flows so fast, I’m fully focused on laptop screens.

Luc (NHL CodeMonkey) stopped by our penalty box to say hello today. My guys all came directly here from Austria, so we look like we’re about to boot up and catch the cable car at a ski race. That didn’t faze Luc one bit, as he comes from a skiing background.


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