Android Browser Trick

I just bought myself a big, powerful, gorgeous Samsung Skyrocket Android phone. In addition to gobs of power and speed, the Skyrocket has a 4.5″ screen for those of us whose eyesight, ahem, isn’t quite what it used to be.

I also bought a big, gorgeous, powerful, quad-core ASUS TF201 Transformer tablet for my nephew Tyler, who is graduating from UCSB next month, as a graduation gift. Uncle’s prerogative – I took the Transformer out of its box and fiddled around with it for a day.

Although there are a zillion things to love about both of these devices, they both have one annoying problem which pissed me off. Despite the fact that they both have power to spare and fully support FLASH (unlike the iMaxiPad), the stock browser is directed to the WAP or mobile version of some web sites. And the mobile versions usually suck. Even worse, many sites with mobile versions do not offer a link to the full-blown site. Still worse, one of the worst offenders is NBA.COM, a site I visit several times a day, and which features fantastic video which is not offered on the mobile site.

After Googling around for a while, I found a workaround:

1. Type this into the address bar on the browser


2. From the menu that pops up, select “desktop”


On some Android devices, a little more work is required…..

1. Type


2. Menu -> More -> Settings (or Menu->Settings->Debug)

3. UAString (set to Desktop)

Works like a champ, and now I’m happily watching Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin on my Android devices.

Transformer tablet, showing full NBA.COM site


Skyrocket, displaying full NBA.COM site


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