Keiser Report

About two weeks ago, my favorite pop culture author (Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone) appeared on The Keiser Report. Ever since, I have been watching Keiser regularly.

Imagine a fake pundit with fake outrage (i.e. Colbert, Lewis Black) who is just as outrageous and entertaining, but real.


Keiser’s news show is recorded in New York and appears on RT.COM, which is controversial. RT was formerly called Russia Today, and originates from Moscow. Some call it Russia’s version of Al Jazeera, some say it’s subversive and anti-Western. Others call it the most important alternative media outlet in the world. RT is the 2nd-most viewed news outlet worldwide, behind BBC.

Keiser spends most of his time taking down Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs, the too-big-to-fail banks, and the ratings agencies. It’s nice to see somebody taking those people on directly. Why 1500 Wall Street bankers and traders, and the entire senior staff of Goldman aren’t rotting in jail right now is a mystery Keiser fully intends to get to the bottom of.



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