In Case Of Avalanche (in Hawai’i)

A little fun out on the deck.

Next time – which hopefully will be never – it’ll be for real.


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3 Responses to In Case Of Avalanche (in Hawai’i)

  1. Luc says:

    Happy New Year James. So I googled this but I’m still not clear on the concept. This will make you float on top of the avalanche? Does this really work?

  2. Luc: Nice to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

    There is a pretty good explanation of how avalanche airbags work and the underlying “Brazil Nut Theory” toward the end of this piece:

    A commercial video here:

    In short, avi airbags have a proven history of success. However, they are not a panacea, nor a substitute for snowpack study and good decision-making in the backcountry, as many avalanche victims die of trauma from being slammed against tree trunks or rocks at high speed. As with auto airbags there are no guarantees, they simply improve one’s odds.

  3. Luc says:

    Thanks for the links. Scary stuff. Glad we don’t have to deal with this kind of things back here. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind skiing in those conditions (sans les avalanches of course) 😉

    It’s a pleasure reading you James.

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