Happy “Canadian Penny Goes Out Of Circulation” Day

Canada has phased out its penny as of today, for budgetary reasons. Such a no-brainer, yet the United States Congress is too busy groveling to TBTF banks and the NRA for campaign contributions to do anything similarly sensible.

Reasons to move to Canada continue to mount:

1. Strict gun control (and, duh, a commensurate lack of gun violence).

2. National health care.

3. Much less corrupt government.

4. Banks strictly regulated. Canada’s banks make loans, collect deposits, period.

5. Major chunks of national budget NOT spent on military.

6. Canada uses the Metric System, like the other 110 largest economies on the planet (except one – gee, I wonder which one?)

7. Chip cards. Accepted everywhere, great security, never have to carry cash. Never.

The calculus continues to tip in Canada’s favor. However, it’s certainly not a landslide, because:

1. Weather sucks. Everywhere in Canada. Everywhere. Unless you’re an Eskimo.

2. High airfares

3. High taxes (but not THAT much higher)

4. Quebec hasn’t seceded yet (but we’re hopeful)

5. The only NBA games on TV are Raptor games, and The Raps suck (and no, Rudy Gay isn’t going to get them into the playoffs).


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3 Responses to Happy “Canadian Penny Goes Out Of Circulation” Day

  1. Mike says:

    What is wrong with being an Eskimo?????

  2. Luc says:

    Come on up James! I’ll trade ya!

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