Tour of Utah

One of the ways bike races are different than any other event is your car becomes your credential. Since there is no admission fee to spectators, walking around with a credential around your neck is of little value, unlike most big events.

Try getting ANYWHERE at the US Open (for example) or at The Hahnenkamm (where VIP tickets cost $4000 a day) or a NASCAR race without your credential. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Here is my steed for the week:

subaru2 subaru1Utah is a lot more difficult, logistically, than last year. Last year we were up in Ogden for 3 days and then in Salt Lake for the last 3. Only one hotel change. This year we start in Cedar City, which is about a 4 hr drive South of Salt Lake, and gradually work our way back up during the week. Three hotel changes in the first three days, then we steady out in a Salt Lake City hotel for the last 3 days…although on only one of those days does the race actually finish in SLC. On Friday night there’s a twilight criterium stage right in front of The State Capital, which should be interesting. On Saturday we finish up at Snowbird, a “mountaintop finish”. Looks great on TV, although logistically a nightmare. Then Sunday is the same Park City – Jordanelle – Guardsmans Pass – Park City stage as last year.

But at least I have a good credential.



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