Screenshots from Fox Sports One’s broadcast of the 1st Annual Westminster Agility Masters from Pier 94 in NYC.

Made the front Sports Page of the New York Times, as the Westminster Show is the oldest continuously-running sporting event in the history of the United States (except for the Kentucky Derby).


A lot of nervous handlers due to the very first-ever live broadcast. 36 of 50 dogs faulted out, leaving the leaderboard partially empty for all 5 classes.






Karnsey and Skunk2

JBob and Skunky.

EZ4 Green for NEW LEADER. For the first time in dog agility history, we provided a live intermediate time. Should I apply for an Emmy?

Roo1 Roo! is a cool-looking dog. One of the reasons this event was a big deal in the dog world was because it allowed mutts to participate in the Westminster show for the first time ever. I’m a mutt myself, so I can relate.


The Fred helping out at the in-gate

SPARKLE4Fox Sports One’s wireless doggiecam caught the competitors as they approached one of the obstacles.


Small doggies

REINE0Big Doggies


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