Now I’m King of the Road

Flew into Calgary yesterday, had a car reserved with Budget.

YYC does not have the go-directly-to-the-car-and-drive-away setup, so I had to go to the counter.

Arrive at the counter, see a sign “Our apologies, there is a minimum wait of one hour for cars today“. WTF?

Desk Monkey says “Oh, you are Fastbreak, we have a car for you. But…’s not the class you reserved”.

Me: Does it have 4 wheels?

DM: Yep.

Me: Hand over those keys.

Go out to the garage. This is what’s waiting for me:

IMG_3380Ford F-350 ONE TON PICKUP.

Yup. I’m King Of The Road now, sitting about 5 feet off the ground looking down at the world.

Young girl at the garage desk says “Chevrolet came and took all of our Chevys due to the steering column recall. We’re about 30% down on cars. Come on back tomorrow, we’ll swap that out for you”.

I drive to Costco, then to Brian’s house. This morning I go back to the airport. Top off the tank. After having driven about 25 miles, it costs me $22 to top off the tank.

Now I’ve got a brand new Malibu with 60Km on the odometer. During the remainder of the week I will probably spend only another $22 on fuel, despite a daily 90 minute round-trip commute.


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One Response to Now I’m King of the Road

  1. Travis Smith says:

    I always knew there was a redneck inside of you…

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