I Miss Kitzbühel

None of this stuff here in The Land Of The Free

None of this stuff here in The Land Of The Free

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Agility. You Gotz It?

Hiking the EMI canals out near Nahiku. Not for the faint at heart, nor those afraid of heights.

Handrails? We don’t need no stinkin’ handrails.

600 606 607 608 615 581 585 588 598

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Time Trial!

Dateline: Hawrelek Park, Edmonton.

As much as I love TTs, or perhaps because I love TTs, I think banning TT bikes really detracts from the show. I get it…..the teams are all struggling financially, and saving them a collective $100,000 in costs (to get the extra bikes & mechanics there) totally makes sense.

But the visual power of all the latest aero gear, all of that striking technology, is one of the things about TTs I, personally, really dig. The Tour of Alberta TT in Edmonton is something I’d looked forward to for months, but without the funnybikes it just didn’t have the oomph I’d expected.

mollema-2 mollema-new-leader

Mollema, as expected, drilled the TT. However, without his funnybike, he only picked up 9 seconds.


Thus leaving him 2nd to Holowesko’s Carpenter by slightly less than one second. Word amongst the teams was a TT specialist like Mollema would have picked up at least an extra 30 seconds if TT bikes had been allowed.


More random screen grabs from the Edmonton TT.

willaims-trek-finishes carpenter

Nice sponsorship of the TT departure platform by one of my all-time favorite sponsors, Jelly Belly.

crunch-standings jelly-belly-start-ramp joyce


In the finale the next day, Holowesko got on the front and protected their lead ferociously.

Holowesko pounding on the front, protecting Carpenter's one-second lead

Holowesko pounding on the front, protecting Carpenter’s one-second lead

And that, cycling fans, was that. Holowesko is a Continental team, and as such, they ride criteriums far more often than a ProTour team like Trek Segafredo. The final stage in Edmonton was a very large crit (almost 12k). Trek didn’t have a chance to pull back even

Animated Stage Intro by Skunkware

Animated Stage Intro by Skunkware

one second against the powerful and skilled Holowesko in a crit.


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Tour of Utah 2016

Hot as Hell here. Was 102 in SLC driving down from Bozeman.


My steed for the week


License Plate

Interesting License Plate on my race vehicle


Stage 1 starts inside Zion National Park. An unprecedented accommodation, prompted by 2016 being the 100th anniversary of the National Park system. However, in order to avoid inconveniencing too many National Park patrons using the roads, the stage is starting at 7:55 AM. Thus, I’m at work in the truck before 6AM.

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Tower Of Power in Maui

Wow. These guys (the ones who are still alive and ambulatory) have been playing together for 50 years, and they can still bring the heat.

Live at the Maui Arts & Cultural center.


Tower Of Power



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Hiking and Camping in the Haleakala Crater

My idea of “camping” is to stay at a Ritz-Carlton with no room service. Nevertheless, I reluctantly agreed to go hiking and camping in the Haleakala Crater for three days. We stayed in the National Forest Service cabin at Paliku for two nights, then at another cabin called Holua for a third night. No electricity, non-potable water from a catchment system,  outhouses. No cell service.

Much to my surprise, I enjoyed myself.

Holua Cabin With Liliwei Overlook A Paliku Cabin Paliku Canyon Wall Paliku Pasture View of Sliding Sands from Paliku

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Theory Of A Deadman

Flew over to O’ahu for two days so The Cheetah could see her favorite band “Theory Of A Deadman”.

I don’t know what such a great worldwide-level band is doing playing at the tiny Republik in Honolulu, but OMG what a great concert. There were maybe 120 people there, and we stood right up at the front of the stage.

Theory Of A Deadman Oahu Republik

Tyler had about $100,000 worth of classic Les Pauls on stage, and the band was soooooo tight. These guys can REALLY play.

Wound up with two guitar picks, one from Dave and the other from Tyler:

Guitar Picks Guitar Picks 2

Next day, some Xmas shopping at Ala Moana Center, complete with hula dancers:


Theory of a Deadman is from Vancouver, so playing one gig in Honolulu was probably their desperate bid to get a few days of some good weather. Unfortunately, it pissed down rain the whole time.


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